Expression of Interest (EoI) for Business Co-operation Proposals – EEN04

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• This EoI will be forwarded to the creator of the business profile who will inform accordingly the foreign company for my interest in order to start discussions • I will keep my local Network Member (CCCI) informed about the result of my contacts that may be developed from this EoI, even if the outcome is negative • I must respond promptly to my local Enterprise Europe Network Member (CCCI), regarding the expected impact of this possible collaboration

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Business Entity's Register - Dpt. of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property Republic of Cyprus

Please answer the following questions in order to comprehend the reasons for your interest in the Business Co-operation proposal

(i.e. to represent/distribute the products of the foreign company in Cyprus, to represent/distribute my products in their country)

The contact phone number and e-mail address should be generic contact details for the organisation. In this way, we avoid the information arriving at a unique addressee and not receiving an answer if he/she is out of the office